Turkey Soup (Leftover Delight)

27 Jan

So you have leftover “Quick & Easy Vegetable Soup”, leftover “Persian Saffron Rice” and maybe some leftover turkey, ham or chicken in the freezer. How about turning your Vegetable Soup into a Turkey Soup and serving it over Rice? That’s what I did here.

I picked the meat off of out leftover Thanksgiving Turkey legs that I had stored in the freezer. I put the frozen leftovers of my “Quick & Easy Vegetable Soup” in a large stock pot and add the shredded turkey. Over medium heat I brought the ingredients to a simmer. Turned the heat down to low and continued to keep hot until I had re-warmed my leftover “Persian Saffron Rice” Now I am very lucky as I have Vintage Anchor Hocking Microware that warms food in the microwave without changing their texture or taste. Once the rice was warmed I then topped it with the newly combined Turkey Soup and dinner was served.

Well we didn’t finish off the newly combined Turkey Soup so I froze the remaining amount. The weather turned colder and we wanted a quick bowl of soup. Hey I have a couple bowls of Turkey Soup in the freezer.

In a medium sauce pan over medium-low heat I brought the frozen leftover Turkey Soup to a simmer, turned the heat down to low until I was ready to serve. I served this soup with our family recipe for “Native American Fry Bread” which are basically like whole wheat tortillas. It was perfect to warm us on this afternoon.


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2 responses to “Turkey Soup (Leftover Delight)

  1. Jim Block

    January 28, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    Is it possible to get your fried bread recipe ? I want to try it so bad. I have some very good friends that are NA and I would love to surprise them with some….Thanks…Jim from down the street

    • flyfishbrat

      January 28, 2012 at 2:48 PM

      Oh I will absolutely give you the recipe once I get it worked out and written down. I have always made it from memory and this last time it didn’t turn out to well. But I will be working on it again this week closely documenting amounts of ingredients and the process. Cool you are going to surprise your friends, they will love that. When I give it to you I will give you the process my family has always cook it and the more universal version that many tribes use.. This recipe really warms my heart as I have over 100 cousins and we all have memories of our parents, Aunts and Grandmother making this for all of us. I’m also planning on posting the Curried Chicken recipe that goes along with it, but Marks not such a fan of it, so it will come a bit later. Keep on follow me….you can also find my blog on Facebook at Recipes from my kitchen, Evansville, Indiana. Don’t forget to press the “Like” button.


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