What, my temperatures didn’t work for you?

28 Jan

I was speaking with my son this morning and he mentioned my temperatures on my recipes I have given him don’t work, really? So I had to think about it  and  realized he cooks on a gas stove where as I cook on an electric stove. He uses beautiful Al-Clad cookware where as I use everything but the kitchen sink.

So to everyone keep this in mind when you are using anyone’s recipes. I prefer cooking on gas, it’s more reliable, heats more thoroughly, but unfortunately not an option for us. I love cooking with Al-Clad equipment but I only have a few pieces. Wish I had given some to myself when I gave them to my son and his lovely bride.

He asked me about soaking his pans when things stick, of course I reminded him “USE REAL BUTTER”, but surely that’s not going to happen. Again I reminded him to purchase “Bar Keeper’s Friend” …. and here is why everyone should have this under the kitchen sink.

When using my broiling pan I generally line the bottom with foil, and spray to top portion with “PAM Spray”. This spray works just fine to keep food from sticking, but I have noticed it leaves a sticky residue on my pan. This residue is really hard to remove. Finally we were introduced to using “Bar Keepers Friend” and we love it. Pick some up at your grocery store, they all carry it. Take a look a my before and after pictures, it really is incredible stuff. It works great on your glass baking dishes also. Well I’m off now to make Chili Cheese Dogs for dinner and a Coconut Tart for dessert. Wish me well, see you all on Monday.

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