Early Spring is upon me….

31 Mar

Here in Southwest Indiana Early Spring came about a month early and now is fully upon us. It’s just a beautiful way to be ushered into the warmer weather with all of these delicate flowers. Sadly it will also be coming to an end to open the window to full Spring and all of the blooms it too has to offer. I have yet to get my herb garden under way, but it’s now #2 on my project list, still working on #1 sprucing up my hostas and flower gardens to help them along this Spring transition. I hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive week and have plans to enjoy good company and tasty food this weekend. Here are more of those Food Terms from our beloved Betty Crocker, I just love these things.

cafe au lait – Coffee served with hot milk.

canape – A tiny piece of fried or toasted bread topped with cheese, meat or sea food.

caramelize – To melt granulated sugar over medium heat to a golden brown syrup.

chantilly – A dish in which whipped cream is one of the ingredients. Name derived from that of a castle north of Paris.  (Very Cool!)

charlotte – A gelatin dessert containing flavored whipped cream, molded in a form lined with sponge cake strips or ladyfingers.

chill – To allow to become thoroughly cold.

chop – To cut in fine or coarse pieces with sharp knife or chopper.

chowder – Thick soup made of fish and/or vegetables, cooked in milk. (Yummy!)

chutney – A spicy, somewhat sweet relish, made from several fruits and vegetables. Originally from India and served mainly with curry. (I can’t wait until summer so I can make and post my chutney, but I think it originated in the deep south, not India.)

coddle – To simmer gently in liquid for a short time.

cracklings – The crisp residue of fat after the lard has been cooked out of it. (Love it, but still don’t understand it, and still want to learn how to make and cook with it.)

cut in – To incorporate fat into a flour mixture using a pastry blender, a fork, or two knives.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be back on Monday posting more of my recipes from my kitchen.

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