Thank you to everyone who is following my recipe blog.

14 Apr







I want to say “Thank you” to everyone who is following my recipe blog. It’s wonderful to share my recipes with all of you. Well this week has come to another end and I thought I wasn’t going to be cooking much this weekend because I spent all of Easter weekend preparing and cooking dinner, but I just can’t stop myself. Mark was volunteering at our city’s marathon race so he had to get up to go at 2:00am. Crazy me I stayed up all night making him a special beer bread so I could make him a wonderful sandwich for lunch and then made him Bananas & Pralines Breakfast Cake to start the morning off right. I’ll post those recipes this coming week, so much for not cooking much this weekend. I’m hoping tomorrow I will get to spend time outside enjoying these views I have posted on this blog. What a way to draw energy from good ole Mother Nature. Hope you all have a great weekend, thanks again for following my recipe blog, thanks for “liking” particular recipes that you enjoy. I hope you all will pass me along to your friends and family. I want to share my recipes with the world. Don’t forget to share in good company this weekend and enjoy so good ole home cooking.

Ahh, Mark just brought me the last of our Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Oreo Pie….recipe coming next week also. What a wonderful way to end the night.


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