We’re off to fly fish in the Brookville Tailwaters….

18 May

Last weekend we went to the Owensboro BBQ Festival. I was given the opportunity to stir a pot of Kentucky Burgoo, that was really fun. Now I need to find a Kentuckian that will part with their beloved recipe for Burgoo, or maybe I just need to develop my own. I intended to share some awesome pictures from the event, but I am having technical difficulties downloading them from Mark’s iPhone. Well actually I am the technical problem….so I will share them in a post during the week.

This weekend we are off to a Ham Radio Convention in Dayton Ohio and then Mark is taking me fly fishing in the Brookville Tailwaters. I can’t wait. He has even tied some specific flies for us. Hopefully we will land a few trout using these flies. But I have to tell you I don’t even know which ones we are using….and generally I fish with only pink and do quit well, thank you.

As usual I won’t be blogging on Sunday, but will be back first thing on Monday. I hope you all are enjoying Spring, are sharing time and good ole home cooking with those you care about.


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2 responses to “We’re off to fly fish in the Brookville Tailwaters….

  1. Meggie

    May 19, 2012 at 2:19 AM

    Good luck with the trouts!


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