Watermelon Sweet Tea

25 Jun

Watermelon Sweet Tea

How do I begin expressing my love of Southern Sweet Tea. As a Southern California girl I was no stranger to Sun Tea. I Grew up making and drinking it by the gallons. Every once in a while it would be slightly sweeten with a teaspoon or so of sugar, but not often. The first time I had Sweet Tea here in Indiana I was hooked. What a delightfully refreshing drink on a hot and humid summer’s day.

Tom Morales, the owner of “The Loveless Cafe” just outside of Nashville Tennessee says “Sweet Tea is better known as the “Champagne of the South”, sweet tea is an essential part of meals in cafes and in homes. “It’s not just the sugar that makes ice tea southern, it’s the way you say sweet tay.”

So after trying his wonderful Sweet Tay in his restaurant I was excited about making some simple syrup variations of my own. This is my recipe for Watermelon Sweet Tea.

Watermelon simple syrup Ingredients:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup watermelon puree

Sun Tea Ingredients:

  • 4 regular sized Lipton Tea Bags
  • 1 gallon cold water

Place you tea bags and water in a clear glass or plastic pitcher and set outside in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours.

In a small saucepan bring the water to a boil, add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Remove from heat and let stand until cooled a bit. Combine with the watermelon puree. Add as much or as little as you prefer of this watermelon simple syrup to sweeten your ice tea.

Suggestions: Try substituting the watermelon with peaches or strawberries, all are so delicious in sun tea. A couple of fresh mint leaves in your glass really sets the glass of tea apart from anything else.


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