Mystery Ingredients in the Freezer? Disaster Lurking?

13 Aug

Mystery Ingredients….a Disaster Lurking….Oh yes it was.

As I was re-organizing my freezer this last weekend I noticed a couple of mystery items. I thought to myself – “Self, why not combine them for an easy dinner?” Of course myself answered, “great idea” Well not quite a great idea. I found I had 2 large pork steaks, well they resembled pork steaks. I also found a half-gallon of beef & potato soup with pasta. I took the time to defrost them properly, that was about 28 minutes, then combined them in my roasting pot. Put them in the oven and baked them for an hour. Now I’m into dinner for an hour and a half, not to bad and the house smelled wonderful. We dish up our meal and I find one of the steaks is still pink, okay no problem I’ll put it back in the oven to finish cooking. But I decide to go ahead and feed Mark dinner. He sits down to the table, takes himself a nice bite, and I should have known by his expression that it wasn’t good. But of course I ask and he replies “here you take a bite”. I do, it’s bland, but hey not every meal can be delicious. Then Mark proceeds to do something I have never seen him do…..and I mean never. He pushes his plate aside and says…I think it’s bad. Now I am mortified but also want to bust out laughing. NOT GOOD?…He says “I think the ingredients are bad”.

Lucky for me we had some leftover roasted chicken in the freezer that was only a week old and I put a nice salad together while Mark was heating the chicken up. Dinner was served again and all was edible.

Note to self:  MAKE SURE YOU DATE AND LABEL EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN THE FREEZER AND USE IT, DON’T HOARD IT…… I hope I learned my lesson. (By the way tonight’s dinner was also edible)

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One response to “Mystery Ingredients in the Freezer? Disaster Lurking?

  1. trkingmomoe

    August 13, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    All I have is the top of the refrig freezer. This time of the year I let the level of frozen stuff go down because of hurrican season. In another week it will have very little left in it including left overs. In October I start buying extra bargains to cycle through the month. I shop every few days to keep it almost empty. I sometimes find some surprises too that went bad.


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